Monday, September 10, 2007

Two Sad Pieces of Anti-Catholicism

I found this article and was appalled at the amount of ignorance and sophistry that was used to "prove" that Catholicism is akin to paganism. What is even worse is this "testimony" of a woman who claims that she was a Carmelite nun. There are so many egregious errors that I don't even know where to begin. Here is one of the more minor false things that were written:

A Roman Catholic can lie to you and they don’t have to go to confession and tell the priest about the lie that they’ve told because they’re lying to protect their faith. They can tell any lie they want to to protect their faith and never go the confessional box and tell the priest about it. They can do more than that. They can steal up to 40 dollars and they don’t have to tell the priest about it. They don’t have to say one word about it in the confessional box. They’re taught that. Every Roman Catholic knows it and every Roman Catholic (you’d be horrified if you know how many of them) steal up to that amount.
Yes, this is one of the more minor things that were written. I just don't know where this lady is coming from. Is she senile? Does she justify lying about things to bring about converts to Protestantism? Some of the things she writes about are so clearly erroneous to devout Catholics that I don't know where she could have gotten them from. She certainly would have known better if she really had been a Carmelite. I guess that we need to pray for people like her, both to convert and to prevent them from luring more people away from the Church.

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Flannery said...

$40??? All this time I thought it was $18.70—so my fool RCIA teacher effectively stole $21.31 from me for every sucker Protestant I've met in the last twelve years.