Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not Your Ordinary Junk Mail

(This is actually a guest post by my dear husband who has abandoned* his own blog.)

Every day it's the same ol', same ol'. Credit card offers, fliers from auto dealers, you name it. Yesterday it was different.

"Free Pre-Paid Cremation!" the envelope offered. Swee-e-et. But how did they know I was in the market? I double-checked to make sure it had my name rather than Sam McGee's. No mistake. It was mine, all mine. It seemed too good to be true. There has to be a catch, I thought.

Turned out there was. The offer was actually only an opportunity to enter a contest to win a free cremation. Still, why not take a chance? I was all set to mail off my information when I thought, what happens if I win? Who is this cremation for, anyway? Maybe it would be better not to find out. Oh, well.

I do have a few suggestions on how they could spruce up their marketing literature:

Work getting you down? Unpaid bills piling up? Enter to win a free cremation!

Or perhaps:

Co-workers annoying you? In-laws getting on your nerves? Enter to win a free cremation!

*A word that here means "Cremated"

1 comment:

Flannery said...

The cremation may be free but they probably charge premium for the hemlock.