Thursday, November 13, 2008


Like many of you, I have started making preparations for Advent and Christmas. I enjoy making lists for things like this, but so far only have mental lists. I really enjoy the process of finding presents for my family, deciding how to celebrate the liturgical aspect of Advent, planning what foods to eat, and similar seasonal things. Things will be a little different this year because we will be out of town for Christmas, but that won't change most things.

Here is a list of things that need to be done that I can think of off the top of my head. I am sure it is not complete, but it will at least contain all the big stuff.

Buy Christmas cards
• Address Christmas cards
• Write Christmas cards
Buy the children's presents
• Buy my husband's presents
• Find out to whom we are giving on my husband's side
• Buy or make presents for those people
Buy presents for my family members
• Wrap said presents
• Make photo albums for our parents of the grandchildren
• Find Christmas ornaments for the children
• Put up tree, wreath and other decorations
• Dig out the various Advent prayers and novenas we say
• Unpack Christmas books
• Do some Christmas Mosaic projects with Happy Boy
• Decided on appropriate Advent liturgical studies and celebrations
• Decided on which kinds of cookies and/or candy to make
Buy Kool Aid
• Dye with Kool Aid the white playsilks my brother-in-law bought the children
• Make or buy appropriate foods for an airplane

It turns out to be a long list, but a lot of this will be pretty easy. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish most of this before Advent begins. I am really looking forward to doing with Happy Boy some of the preschool appropriate books from the Christmas Mosaic. Dyeing the playsilks sounds somewhat involved, but at the same time not difficult.

Are you doing anything different or interesting to prepare?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Goodnight My Deers

Tonight as I was tucking the children into bed I said to them, "Goodnight my dears." Happy Boy replied indignantly, "Mama! We are not deers! Reeda is Reeda and I am Happy Boy." I laughed and said he was correct.

Thinking of his misunderstanding, I remembered some of the homophones which I got confused about when I was a child. Once I heard someone say that a certain restaurant had very good mousse pie. I thought that a pie made out of moose didn't sound very appealing.

Another time my mother, whose name was Mary, asked me to write a card for her to her brother. We had a sign up at the time which said Merry Christmas so I figured that was how to spell Mary. When my uncle opened the card he said, "This is from Merry. Who is Merry?" I couldn't believe that he didn't even know his own sister's name! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

St. Charles Borromeo and JP II, Pray for Us!

With the election tomorrow, many Catholics have been praying to Our Lady of Victory or the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States for intercession.

Here are two more suggestions: First, Charles Borromeo, whose feast day, November 4th, happens to coincide with election day this year. Second, John Paul II, whose baptismal name was Karol, after Charles Borromeo. One saint's feast day and another's name day ought to be good enough reasons to bombard them with prayers, right? You betcha!

White Water Rafting

CNN has an article on how river rafting creates family memories. One year a relative of my family who was a white water rafting guide offered to take us on the river for the day. All of us had a blast and we now occasionally have fun reminiscences of that day. I am not one to find enjoyment in athletic activities or even most outdoor activities, but I enjoyed it so much that I went rafting again each time the opportunity arose.

I know that my husband would love to do this sort of rafting so I think it would be a fun vacation to do someday. I know it never will be possible with a house full of young children, but maybe someday we will all be able to do it. If the opportunity presents itself to YOU, dear reader, I strongly encourage you to take it.