Friday, August 31, 2007

Runs Like Clockwork?

Yesterday we noticed that our clock was a couple minutes slow, so my husband corrected it. It turns out that “correcting” it actually broke it, because now it doesn’t work at all. I keep looking at the spot where the clock used to be and it is somewhat jarring to see only a blank space on the wall.

We have had the worst luck with clocks.We received our first clock as a wedding present.It didn’t work from the start.Unfortunately, we couldn’t return it because the person who bought it for us bought it several months previously and the gift receipt had expired.Our next clock lasted ten months. This clock has been the kindest to us: it lasted three years.

So now we are in the market for a new clock. My husband said that we should get a digital clock next. Maybe it will last longer than an analog.He is probably correct, but they just don’t look as nice or homey.Maybe someday we will be able to afford a beautiful antique windup clock. Then if it doesn’t work it will be no one’s fault but our own.

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Mrs. Bear said...

I agree that the homey-coziness factor would shoot way down with a big digital clock on the wall. An antique clock for the future (how's that for a time-themed sentence?) sounds awesome.