Thursday, August 23, 2007

Signs There May be a Computer Nerd in Your Home

1. Your toddler not only knows how to plug something into a USB port, but he knows where every single one in your house is.

2. You have more than two computers.

3. You can name at least half a dozen Linux distributions.

4. You even know what a Linux distribution is.

5. Two (or more) of your computers have Linux on them.

6. In addition to Linux, you have Windows 95, 98, XP and Vista (not necessarily on separate computers). Now, if only we had a Mac. . .

7. You mention that you want to lose weight so your husband writes you a program to help.

8. For recreation, your husband reads Learn C++ in 21 Days over the weekend.

9. You make all of your long distance telephone calls on the computer with Skype.

Are there any that you want to add about your family?


Mrs. Bear said...

I responded to your post on my blog! :-)

Matilda said...

How about when your two year old first born, after hearing you say www responds with "dot com".