Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Nerdy, Nerdy Family

My husband's birthday was the other day. Since he is a Catholic philosopher and since we both love St. Thomas Aquinas, I gave him a commentary by St. Thomas. (Yes he liked the book. As I noted, we are a nerdy family.) Happy Boy helped me wrap the present and then we brought it out to the living room. Happy Boy ran up to my husband with the gift and said, "Happy birthday, Papa! Here is a St. Thomas Aquinas book!" I guess he is too young for me to tell him what kind of presents we are giving.

My husband's older brother called him up and wished him a happy birthday. Then he gloated, "This may be your birthday, but tomorrow I turn 12,000 days old. That is much better because 12,000 is a very Biblical number." They then quickly calculated when my husband would turn 10,000 days old. If you think that's nerdy, you should see them when they get together with the rest of their family!

In other nerdiness news, my husband started a blog which is primarily in Latin. When he is feeling benevolent* he translates the posts into English.

*Meaning, when he has the time.

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Flannery said...

Yes, I noticed the Latin stunt. It narrows his audience a bit, but then again he won't have to worry about maintaining anonymity.