Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I have recently heard several people talking (or blogging, as the case may be) about the television show Lost. While we don't watch TV, we are not opposed to TV shows.

We decided to check the first season of Lost of of the library and found it enjoyable. When we finished the first season, I went online to request the second from the library. I was disappointed to find out that three of the discs for the second season are lost or damaged, including the first one. Now that they have hooked us into becoming fans, we are left suffering from our addiction.


Flannery said...

My sister-in-law loves that show, and I watched some of it with her. It was pretty good, but after a while it reminded me in part of the story-dreams at the point when the subconscious has pretty much run out of steam but doesn't want to admit it yet.

Mom Chatter said...

It is SO an addiction! I cannot wait for the next season to come back in February... too long! And, it probably will run out of steam soon... I suppose there's ONLY so much more they can do with this storyline! :)