Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Picture of Now, Between Past and Future.

Yet another meme from Flannery.

A Picture of Now, Between Past and Future.

1.a. Describe your outfit.

A light but bright blue shirt and black pants. A pair of Birkenstock's that I got in 1995.

b. What associations does the main color invoke?

None specifically, but it is very cheery.

c. Is there a memory associated with this outfit (or part of it)?

Well, this shirt was the first item of clothing I bought after Happy Boy was born. The first time I wore it was to a Shakespeare play that several of my friends were in. Happy Boy cried so much that I missed the whole first half. :(

2.a. Are you listening to music?

Yes. Cello concertos by Haydn and Boccherini.

b. Was this intentional?

Yes. Before I started writing this I scrolled through our music collection (it’s all on the computer) and thought I would listen to this. Cello music is some of my favorite instrumental music.

c. What does the music make you remember?

Nothing, really. I bought this album a few months ago and have only listened to it a couple times before.

3.a. Describe the objects within arms' reach.

Bach C.D.s, computer program C.D.s, receipts, mail, a memory stick, the card for the place we have to take our car to get fixed, magazines, a basket of stuff to be filed, a binder, a book by Amy Welborn, a pair of expensive shoes which I hope to sell on Ebay, a holy water font, our digital camera, library books and movies, and more STUFF.

b. Choose one object and tell where you acquired it.

My mother bought me the shoes before I got married and I only wore them once because the heels were uncomfortably high. She bought them for me so I could get used to wearing shoes that high for when I wore the same pair only white when I got married. I needed shoes that high so I wouldn’t have to pay to get my dress altered. After wearing the torture devices once I realized that there was no way I could wear them for hours when I got married, so ended up paying for the alteration after all.

c. On the whole, are the objects new (memory blanks) or old (memory filled)?

Most of the stuff is relatively new and doesn’t have any memories for me and a lot of it is paperwork so I wouldn’t keep memories of that anyway.

4.a. What room are you in?

Our dining room which doubles as a computer room.

b. To what extent is it yours?

Well, I live in the apartment, but I don’t own it. I share the room with my family, so I guess the only extent that it is mine is that I don’t have to share it with the general public.

c. What kind of memories will you have in the future of this room?

Hopefully lots of good meals and conversations. We have had a few already, but we have lived here less than a year so I anticipate many more to come.

5. What were you doing before starting this post, and what would you like to do next?

I ran to the grocery store for something that they were out of and so bought lots of other stuff instead. Now I am going to try to put Happy Boy to bed and try tidying up the kitchen.

I don't think I can tag anyone, because everyone I know has either already been tagged, already completed the meme, or has abandoned their blog.

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