Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our Independence Day

God was benevolent. The rain we have been having every day for who-knows-how-long only lasted for about thirty minutes yesterday in the early afternoon. By the time our evening festivities began, there was a blue sky and a perfect temperature.

In addition to celebrating the birth of our country, we also celebrated the birthdays of our children's godparents*. My husband made a cake which was oohed and ahed over by our friends. More than one woman said I was lucky to have a husband who enjoys baking cakes**.

It was a very pleasant evening. We left just as they were starting to set of the illegal fireworks. I don't have any problem with the fireworks being illegal (especially since risk of fire is practically nil with all the rain we have been having) but it was considerably past Happy Boy's bedtime and he was showing it.

* Happy Boy's godfather and Reeda's godmother both have their birthday on the fourth. (They are five hours apart, but not related.) I joked with my husband that next time we have a baby we will have to advertise for a Catholic born on Independence Day.

** Not only does he enjoy making cakes, he says his taste better than mine so he only lets me make gingerbread cakes. He doesn't like those so he doesn't care how they taste. : )

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