Monday, May 5, 2008

International Midwife Day

I found out that today is International Midwife Day. Although I recognize the need of obstetricians, I am a huge fan on midwives.

When I was pregnant with my first I went to a practice that had four midwives. The assumption was that over the course of one's pregnancy there would be a natural rotation so the patient could meet all of them at different prenatals. I had met three of them, but the schedule of the fourth, Angela, never matched up with when I could have my appointments. Finally at week 39 I was able to meet her. I instantly fell in love with her. When I came home I excitedly told my husband, "I hope Angela is the one who gets to deliver the baby."

The next night I went into labor. When I called the office to let them know, I found out that a different midwife was on call. I resigned myself to her with the consolation that at least it wasn't the one that I really didn't like. However, I got to the hospital at the same time as a shift change. Angela was coming on duty! God was so good. Later after my husband met the other midwives, he said that he understood how I felt and agreed that Angela was wonderful. Later she proved to be even more wonderful to both of us when a horrible crisis arose, helping us in any way she could.

So, in honor of Angela, I decided to write a post to acknowledge this day.


Matilda said...

Whoo hoo for midwives! Without a wonderful midwife named Betty, my last baby would have been a c-section. I desperately wanted to avoid one of those and she didn't give up on us! Thank you for remembering to honor these special ladies!

Flannery said...

Do men ever want to be mid-wives, and if so are they discriminated against? (This is not just being contrary—I wonder about it every time I see the term.)

Hélène said...

I have heard of a male midwife, but from reading his website he sounded (to me) like a pervert.

If there were men who wanted to be midwives, they probably would be discriminated against since many women want midwives because they are women. Women feel uncomfortable letting men see their female parts, and they often like the fact that most midwives have personally experienced the exact same thing: pregnancy and birth.

Mrs. Bear said...

Wonderful post. I also love midwives...and you guys too! :-D