Monday, May 19, 2008

Five Years Ago Was a Monday Too

Today my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. Both of us agree that our wedding was the happiest day of our lives. I don't look back on it with anything but fondness. I feel very fortunate because both my mother and grandmother cannot say the same of theirs.

Since we didn't have a babysitter today, we couldn't go out alone together. Instead we did something which I think reflects the mission we undertook when we got married: to have a happy family and be good spouses and parents.

Since it was one hundred scorching degrees today, we took our dinner to an indoor park. After we ate, the children played on the slides and other kiddie oriented constructions there. It was so pleasant seeing and hearing them enjoy themselves. On the way home we stopped for ice cream. Of course Happy Boy and Reeda loved it, and my husband and I were able to have a nice conversation while they ate.

Reflecting on the evening, I don't think I would have enjoyed dinner at a fancy restaurant with just my husband more than I enjoyed this. That would have been nice, but I wouldn't treasure that memory the way I treasure the memories of my children's happiness playing at the park or eating ice cream.


Mrs. Bear said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary to you guys!! God bless you and grant you many years! What a beautiful post. :-) (I love the photo too.)

Matilda said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary!

OK... I have to ask... why did you get married on a Monday? Any particular reason?

Hélène said...

We graduated from college on Saturday and it would have been too expensive for my husband's family to stick around an extra six days. Also, this way our friends could come more easily and it was easier to get the time I wanted at the church. My husband's sister gave us the idea, because she got married on a Tuesday for similar reasons.

Flannery said...

Happy Anniversary! It was a happy day for attendees of the wedding, too. :)