Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Weeks from Today

I can't believe that Easter Sunday is only in two weeks. There are so many things I want to do in the next two weeks:

Plan a special meal for Holy Thursday
Clean the house
Get Easter clothes for me and the children
Plan Easter dinner and/or a nice brunch
Do spring cleaning
Buy some Easter chocolate candy
Clean our porch of all the debris that has accumulated this winter
Refill our flower boxes with new flowers
Make plans for something fun during Holy Week since it is my husband's spring break

Did I mention that I want to clean? I love the idea of cleaning one's home during Holy Week to prepare for the Resurrection as the Jews clean their home at the same time to prepare for Passover.


Matilda said...

We always have a modified Passover meal with lamb & unleavened bread (gyros), bitter herbs (Greek salad) and wine. Here is a picture of our table from last year. I also made a fruit and nut salad to go with last years meal. The kids didn't like it but they love the gyros!!!

Hélène said...

It looks good. Do you make your own gyros? What is in the bowl at the bottom right?

Matilda said...

That is the charoset which is always on a traditional Passover meal menu. It is a sweet dish made with fruit, nuts, honey and wine (or grape juice) meant to represent the mortar that the Israelites used to bond bircks when they were slaves in Egypt. I can't find the specific recipe that I used but there are lots of them out there.

Matilda said...

Oh, I forgot... we have done both homemade and store bought gyros in the past. We stopped buying them when we found that most of the lamb is mixed with ground beef. We gave up beef many years ago. I have since just cooked a lamb roast and sliced it very thin. This year, I might try a stir-fry version of the lamb. There is a greek cafe close to the abbey that has wonderful gyros!!! They were our place of choice for a few years. It was our very special Holy Thursday tradition when use to live closer.

Matilda said...

Last thing... I do have a recipe for a simple tzatziki sauce recipe but you can also find those everywhere.