Friday, March 28, 2008

Paschaltide Tidbits

I am STILL slacking on my blog and I am very annoyed at myself because of this. I have had a dozen post ideas since my last post, but now most of them wouldn't be relevant or interesting.

Today is Easter Friday which is a solemnity that is very special to us. Reeda was born on this solemnity last year. The weather is a little better than last Easter Friday when we had a deadly tornado whip through town. Not as much wind or rain this year.

Happy Boy keeps on talking about wanting to go hunting. My husband and I were baffled by how he knew about hunting since I don't think he even knows about guns yet. Finally we realized that he was talking about Easter egg hunting.

I feel very disappointed with myself that I didn't get as many things checked off my list that I had posted as I wanted to. I got very little cleaning done and no decluttering. Although I did buy an Easter dress for myself, I took it back because it looked much better on the hanger than it did on me.

We recently found out that one of my husband's brothers will be going to school in Europe next year. That will make one brother in school, one in the seminary and one in a monastery in Europe. I suppose I should be happy for them, but it saddens me that we probably will rarely ever see them again.

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