Monday, February 4, 2008

Lenten Trivia

Everybody is talking about how early Ash Wednesday is this year. I looked it up and discovered that this will not only be the earliest it will fall in our lives, but also in our children's and grandchildren's lives as well* since the next time isn't until 2160. Happy Boy's birthday falls during Lent this year, but fortunately it won't ever again.

Someone asked me what the cycle was of repeating Easter dates. I had to look it up and learned that it repeats exactly every 5,700,000 years. I suspect that having leap years greatly complicates things.

The Eastern churches calculate Easter differently due to still using the Julian Calendar, so it will never fall this early for them, but their Easter can sometimes fall as late as May.

* Assuming that our grandchildren are in existence now, which mine aren't, so they probably will not see Ash Wednesday ever this early unless they live to be Very Old.


Flannery said...

You've been chosen for a meme!

Flannery said...

Oh, I was wondering how often this happens. But the reason is that my birthday is St. Joseph's feast day this year, since his feast day would be in holy week otherwise. I am *extremely* excited over this.

Hélène said...

That's funny. My calendar says that his feast is March 31st this year. After doing some online sleuthing though, I see that it is mistaken and the 31st is the Annunciation. I am glad that it is on the Ides instead, because now we get a Lenten solemnity.

Angela M. said...

Cool info !