Saturday, January 5, 2008

GPS Oddities

We recently got a GPS device and is it ever a fun toy! My husband takes it with us just about everywhere he goes, even if it is as boring as driving to work and back. You never know when there might be a fun alternate route.

We have noticed that sometimes the information entered into the system was either not correct or misinterpreted by it. The first time it happened we were told to turn onto "Corporate Doctor" rather than Corporate Drive. It has never gotten doctors confused with drives before. . . Then, when I plugged in the address of the craft store, which happens to be on John D. Doe Avenue, I was told to turn onto "John the Five Hundredth Doe Avenue." I wonder how that humorous mix up happened?

By far the funniest directions that we have been given were when we were instructed to turn onto the Federated States of Micronesia 2468. It really was called F.M. 2468 but now every time we see an F.M. road we joke about going to Micronesia.

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