Sunday, June 8, 2008


Tomorrow we are leaving to visit some relatives. Happy Boy packed his suitcase with everything he thinks he will need. I might need to repack it with a few other essentials. ;)

We haven't traveled in two years, so I am wondering what it will be like with two children. When I told Happy Boy we were going to fly in an airplane, he was adamant that he could not fly. He seemed distressed that I was telling him we were going to fly through the sky. Then I told him that we weren't going to fly until after he had gone to sleep and awakened again. He came up to me this afternoon at about four telling me it was time for him to go to bed. I guess he wants to fly after all.


Matilda said...

What more does a little man need Mom? He packed the hole punch and very neatly I might add! Have a safe trip!

Flannery said...

Yes, he did a better job arranging items than I do. My little brother once watched me stuff things haphazardly into my suitcase, but lost patience halfway through, pushed me aside, and did a masterful job of the packing. Which may or may not have been the result I was shooting for.

Kathie said...

Looks like some of the packing my 5 use to do. Now they are all grown and gone from home. Dicovered your blog today and enjoyed reading through your posts.
Blessings from Costa Rica