Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving Countdown

Do you know that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow? I just realized that today and it gave me quite a jolt. Normally, when a holiday is approaching I am doing all sorts of planning for it. This time I just plumb forgot.

We have absolutely no plans for Thanksgiving. In the four previous Thanksgivings of our marriage I have always had some sort of plan by the beginning of November. Since we have never lived near family we have always had to come up with our own plans for the holiday, and sometimes we even had backup plans. Not this year. This year I haven't purchased a single Thanksgiving-related item (unless you count pumpkin ice cream), or even thought about whether to fix any special items.

I guess I need to figure out if we will be spending it with others (so I only have to fix a couple dishes) or if we are having it by ourselves (so I have to do the whole shebang). I don't mind doing the whole thing, especially since my husband loves to help out in the kitchen, but I always felt that Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that are meant to be celebrated with others. It sees that some quick decisions are in order.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


Mrs. Bear said...

I am actually planning to cook a turkey. Generally I bake a large lasagna and bring it to someone else's house, or have it at home with a turkey breast and all the side dishes and things. I still haven't received word on how many people will be attending, though!

I hope you guys have a good Thanksgiving! Let us know how it goes. :-)

Mrs. Bear said...

Oh, when I bake a lasagna to bring to someone else's house, it is as a side dish, as there is usually at least one turkey or other main dish already prepared.

Hey, do you bake pies?? And what are your views on cranberry sauce? And what kind of bread do you like for Thanksgiving? I am wondering if I should bake biscuits.

Hélène said...

I decided to do a blog post on your questions, but it is on my food blog.

Flannery said...

Wow, Mrs. Bear--I made three pies and rolls, while my brother made biscuits and fresh cranberry relish. I think that they were all the right choice.