Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Final Stretch

Since I am now at the 37 week mark for my pregnancy (at least according to the ultrasound), technically the baby can come any day now. The chiropractor I have been seeing assures me that the baby will come soon, since it dropped at least three weeks ago. If that is true, then I am very glad that my midwife can now legally deliver me.

Not that I want to go this early. I have been told by multiple midwives that it is every pregnant woman's desire to have the baby two or three weeks early, but that has never been my desire. Why not? Well, this pregnancy it is because I haven't gotten everything ready yet, I am expecting a package that I want for the first week postpartum but it isn't supposed to arrive for a couple more weeks, and I am hoping the baby chooses to make an appearance on one of a couple specific days. I know it is unrealistic, but I will even go so far to say that I wouldn't mind the baby coming very late if I knew it would come on Easter Sunday. However, I doubt that will happen, and I wouldn't want to go that late otherwise.

This is such an exciting time. Part of me thinks, "I can't wait!" while another part of me says, "My life is going to change drastically!" [Insert scream here.] Who knows what is just around the corner?

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