Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I don't know if you are familiar with this set of books by someone who calls himself "Lemony Snickett". I had never heard of them until the movie came out a few years ago. When I saw the preview for the movie, I thought, "That looks dumb. Who would want to see that?" I didn't voice my opinion though and my husband said, "Hmm. That looks interesting. I would like to see that, but maybe I should read the stories first."

If it hadn't been for him, I would be missing out on some of the most clever and witty writing I have come across in quite some time. Even though these are written for children, most adults will appreciate Snickett's style and humor. The first several books have a very similar plot which gets slightly tiresome, but the writing style more than makes up for it. Somewhere along the line, the author starts turning the story into a mystery and then the plot gets a little more interesting.

We are still plodding through the series. Every time we come home from the library with a new book I have to be careful where or when I put it down or I will go to resume reading it and my husband will have the book instead. If we see any of the series at thrift stores we pick them up for our personal library because we wouldn't have any problem with our children reading them, unlike many of the other currently popular books.

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